Studio Sale

I've been painting and drawing professionally for 44 years and throughout this time have worked in many different media. I've always been keen to try new approaches and rise to the challenge of making my way through the complexities of an ever changing art world.

In this sale I'm offering a selection of works from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Some have never been shown. 

Between 1989 and 1996 I worked on several book projects with Dragon's World and Paper Tiger, a fantasy publisher whose books I'd admired and collected as a teenager. I'm including some of the original paintings here. 

This studio sale is an ongoing project. I'll be adding new galleries over the next few months so if you'd like purchase or be notified of new postings please send me a message via my contact form.

A formal garden.jpg



Lino cuts 1989/93

Lulworth Ranges.jpg

Oil paintings 1999-2010

head 3.jpg

Figure drawings and

Frogs and Rats.jpg

French Fairy Tales 1992

plant life 2.jpg

Plant Life drawings

drawing the weather

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